2022 has brought so many challenges to America, so many people  are truly struggling.   Compassion Connection of Texas would like to help even more families than the previous years, with our


We will be doing things a little different this year.   Sponsors will still be able to Choose a Family to help based on their size and ages of children.  The maximum amount a Sponsor should spend on Gifts will be recommended based on the size of the family.  (This will avoid 1 family of 3 receiving $1000 in gifts and a different family of 5 receiving $200 in gifts). 

Gifts will then be distributed to each family at a local business, all at the same time on


December 17th from 10:00am - 6:oopm

Location STBD

We will start accepting applications in October and each one will go through a screening process including if you received a Blessing last year.

* NOTE - Applicants will NOT be anonymous (UNLESS it is a family of Domestic Violence)

Sponsors will also be able to make a blanket monetary donation to Sponsor a Family at a fixed amount.