There are many ways you can HELP our Organization to be able to help others, for example:

* Gift Cards (Of any kind) 
Cvs, Walgreens, Walmart, Target, HEB, KROGER
All Food Establishments
& Visa and Mastercard Gift Cards too

(The gift cards are very important because when we for example pick up a victim adn take them to the police station or a shelter, they may not have eaten and if they have children, they may have not eaten...  Also, we may be traveling a good distance and they need to eat... OR they may need a pair of clothing or Diapers, Bottles, formaula, feminine hygeine products, etc...  Alot of times, Women in DV situations leave at a moments notice and they may only have the clothes on their backs.  We can help them in these types of situations)  Click Below for address to mail them

*  PrePaid Cell Phones and Cards
Some women in DV situations need to have a secret phone to call for help or when she is ready to leave.  The abuser typically takes or breaks or heavily monitors the victims phone calls.  This way, with a PrePaid phone that only the victim and the rescuer know about, she will be able to contact us or the police in their time of emergency or great need.  These can be purchased (DO NOT OPEN OR ACTIVATE)  They are only good for a certain time once opened or activated (Click below for address to mail them)

*  Monetary Donations
In order to help the applicants who just need help for 1 month to get back on their feet or so that their lights will not get shut off or their water, we ask for monetary donations on a regular basis so that we can help ALL victims in need.  We can also purchase Diapers, Necessary Baby items, Food, etc.. with your monetary donations.

Please Click the link BELOW to be taken to a secure check out page for Donations

*  In some instances we also need VOLUNTEERS
Please click on the link in the navigation bar to VOLUNTEER

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How you can help

The address to mail gift cards or other in kind gifts is        ​​​​​​​                 


c/o Sally Blessing  

1095 Remington Circle

Burleson, Texas 76028