Every year we sponsor the Angel Tree of Necessities.

2022 will be our 3rd Annual Holiday Angel Tree of Necessities.  Starting in October we will be accepting Applications for our Angel Tree.  The guidelines will be strictly enforced as well as limits that a sponsor can spend on each Family will be set.  An Angel Tree Family's identity will NOT necessarily be confidential starting this year.

We have new proceedures this year. 

1. Submit your application

2. Once verified, your wishes will be added to the list

3.  Through Generous Sponsors, items will be purchased and 

       they will be ready for pick up on December 17th, 2022.

Every Sponsor will be given a guideline (suggested) amount not to exceed a certain dollar amount.  (This is to make the gift giving more even, instead of 1 family receiving $1000 in gifts and another family receiving only $200).

** Monetary Donations will be accepted throughout the year so that we do not run short this Holiday Season and we will be able to better gauge how many applications we can accept.  We will also accept donations of essential items on our AMAZON LIST also throughout the year.  (We have a storage unit now so we can accept donations throughout the year.)

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