One of the largest resources available in EVERY STATE is  211 they can offer you information and referrals regarding:
Basic Human Needs Resources – including food and clothing, shelters, housing, utility assistance.
Disaster Response and Recovery 
Mental Health and Health Resources – including counseling, support groups, drug and alcohol treatment, health insurance programs, Medicaid and Medicare, maternal health resources, health insurance programs for children, medical information lines, clinics, and hospitals.
Employment Supports – including job training, employment services, transportation assistance and education programs.
Older Adults and Persons with Disabilities – including adult day care, community meals, respite care, home health care, transportation and homemaker services.
Children, Youth and Family Support – including child care, after school programs, educational programs for low income families, family resource centers, and recreation programs, mentoring, tutoring and protective services.
The second major resource (My FAVORITE) is amazing!!  It is called  AUNT BERTHA
You can search for free or reduced cost services like medical care, food, job training, and much more. 
Just enter your ZIP Code— this service covers the entire US—and you'll find hundreds, sometimes thousands, of free and reduced cost social services that help people during tough times.
Their filtering criteria refines results down to the level of specificity needed, resulting in only the most relevant resources for a Seeker's unique needs. Just Enter your zip code and search for FREE. 
There will even be a link to APPLY for almost ALL of the services they refer you to in your area or the area in which you are about to relocate to (should that be the case). 

Aunt Bertha