Dear Volunteer Applicant,

This program is designed to help as many Seniors and or Disabled Individuals in the city of Burleson, to be able to continue to live independently as they can with assistance.   They may need help to get to a Doctor appointment or they just need a friend/someone to check in on them once a day/week/month via phone or once a week in person.  They may have a little bit of laundry that they need help with or maybe just a prescription pick up from the pharmacy. 

If you would like to help out with volunteering & becoming a Senior Friend to these Amazing Individuals, please fill out the application using the RED BUTTON below.

Thank you again for applying to be a volunteer in our Senior Liaison Program.  This is a volunteer program; however, there are some instances where you can request a gas voucher (If you are taking them to the Dr. or other medical appointment), or other times where you might use your own money - you may request a reimbursement.  (We may not always have the funding so please ask beforehand and keep all receipts to submit for reimbursement.)  


 NOTE: (We highly discourage you from giving out cash to any of our Senior Friends or any other Individual.  If they are in need of something that is a necessity, please contact us and we will follow up with resources to help them). 

MEDICAL - If you see any signs of medical illness or injury (that needs attention), excessive soiling, inappropriate verbal communication (Not able to speak), trouble walking or standing, CALL 911

ABUSE - If you see any signs of abuse, examples are physical bruising, acting fearful of a relative, if they tell you that they are being abused, lack of basic necessities, lack of food, if they are scared for you to leave after a visit, etc... use your own judgment - follow your gut instincts.  You should ALWAYS ERR ON THE SIDE OF CAUTION AND CONTACT ADULT PROTECTIVE SERVICES  1-800-252-5400 or  OR CALL 911 - IF NEEDED).

ALWAYS report anything you see to us as well    (817) 874-5625 

*You are NOT an employee of CCofTx, therefore whatever you choose to help with or do for your Senior Friend or another individual that you may volunteer to help is solely YOUR responsibility.  CCofTx is not liable for the actions of the volunteers.   We screen all volunteers to the best of our capability

Please feel free to contact Sally at Compassion Connection of Texas   (817) 874-5625  or via email at